Announcing Backer: Krypto Playboy Capital

About Krypto Playboy Capital

Krypto Playboy Capital (KPC) is an Australian run value adding Venture Capital Network which invests in early start-up decentralized blockchain technology. They have an excellent track record of seed and private investments in early stage projects. KPC covers a range of expertise in the blockchain space such as capital and funding, legal and financial advice, strategy, and design and marketing credibility.

Krypto Playboy wants not only to grow the crypto landscape but to also change people’s lives for the better. Their motto is “The world of crypto made easy for the average player”. This aligns with RosePad goals of connecting the Oasis community to quality projects as well as providing a safe and profitable DeFi environment.

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About RosePad

RosePad is a premium Launchpad with DEX and NFTs on Oasis Network. It will be a go-to platform for fundraising, trading and connecting to the Oasis community. RosePad will provide a platform to launch hand-picked projects on Oasis Network that aims to bring real impact and value to the communities while contributing to mass adoption of Oasis blockchain.

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RoseHub Platform

🌹RoseHub is a Premium DeFi platform on Oasis Network with DEX, aggregated liquidity, staking, launchpad and more.