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2 min readJun 6, 2022


We are happy to announce collaboration with fit-J team! RoseApes and RosePad (Rose Digital Media) will advise the Team & work together on giveaways, marketing and fundraising campaigns later this year. We will share more details about the extent of collaboration as we go on.

As fitness enthusiasts, we are excited for fit-J future developments. Also, we chose to collaborate with fit-J because their team is experienced, very motivated and working around the clock with amazing ideas. And of course they are building on Oasis Network! 🌹

About fit-J

fit-J is a lifestyle FitFi and GameFi app with an aim to empower the fitness communities and connect them to Web3. fit-J provides you a chance to work out in free mode or take part in the challenges. The more you workout, the more rewards you get. That is the motivation that pushes us forward to move our bodies so as to gain both, better health and passive income.

Players will be able to cycle outdoors with our app to earn CYCL/JOCK tokens, which are burned to upgrade or breed. Alternatively, users can choose to trade via the in-app wallet feature. Players will only be able to earn if they hold NFTs in the app, which will influence their stamina, speed and other mechanisms.

Along with the move-to-earn model, they are building a social-fi system to support the connection between players and the community through workouts & help grow fit-J.

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About Rose Digital Media

RosePad is a premium Launchpad with DEX and NFTs on Oasis Network. It will be a go-to platform for fundraising, trading and connecting to the Oasis community. RosePad will provide a platform to hand-picked launch projects on Oasis Network that aims to bring real impact and value to the communities while contributing to mass adoption of Oasis blockchain.

RoseApes is a first NFT project with strong launchpad utility on Oasis Network. Besides the unique artwork, RoseApes gives access to the first community-based Oasis Launchpad, RosePad, boosted $RPAD rewards, staking, access to IDOs/IMOs, special discounts, and more!

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🌹RoseHub is a Premium DeFi platform on Oasis Network with DEX, aggregated liquidity, staking, launchpad and more.