Introducing RosePad Launchpad! 🌹

RosePad is a premium Launchpad with DEX and NFTs on Oasis Network. It will be a go-to platform for fundraising, trading and connecting to Oasis community.

RosePad will provide a platform to hand-picked launch projects on Oasis Network that aims to bring real impact and value to the communities while contributing to adoption of Oasis blockchain.

For project owners, we will connect you to communities within Oasis ecosystem, provide access to capital and trading platform as well as advice with marketing and development.

Platform Features

  • Token Value

$RPAD value will be derived from tier system, locking mechanism, vaults and buyback

  • Launchpad

Premier launchpad build from scratch by industry experts. Platform will host IDOs, IMOs (Initial Multiverse Offering), Social Tokens (DAOs)

  • Innovative tier system

Via $RPAD token staking, LP and time-lock. In addition, RoseApes NFTs and social engagement will contribute towards tiers.

  • RosePad DEX trading platform

Instant finality, low gas fees (<0.01$) and high throughput. Farming (LP) and vaults.

$RPAD Value

Overview of $RPAD token value

Token value is derived from the following:

  • $RPAD is a native launchpad platform token needed to obtain launchpad tiers and allocations.
  • $RPAD has to be locked to obtain the tiers. More on this in “LaunchPad Tiers”.
  • $RPAD can be used to farm $RPAD or other project tokens via LP locking.
  • $RPAD can be locked inside the vaults for high APY.
  • Up to 100% of platform fees used to buy back $RPAD and RoseApes NFTs below the floor (if any).

Launchpad Tiers

Tiers Mechanism Based on:

  1. $RPAD lock

Lock up to 365 days. If locked 365 days, 1 RPAD = xRPAD. Less days results in lower xRPAD amount (See image below).

2. RPAD-LP amount staked

Each LP gives bonus xRPAD (amount TBA later).

3. RoseApe NFTs lock

Each RoseApe NFT placed in a locked vault gives % boost in xRPAD amount; can stack.

Tiers Calculation within RosePad Platform

RoseApe NFTs

RoseApes NFTs play an essential role within RosePad Launchpad in many different ways:

  • RoseApe NFTs holders will be given an opportunity to obtain $RPAD at strategic or IDO price with same vesting terms and price before the launch.
  • Tiers of launchpad will be based not only on $RPAD amount, but also the number of RoseApe NFTs you hold (see “Tiers” boost).
  • A rarer NFTs (e.g. with Oasis logo) will have guaranteed access to Tier-1 allocation of launchpad without holding any $RPAD tokens.
  • We will use RosePad fees to sweep the floor of RoseApes NFTs.
  • We have more utilities planned for NFTs e.g. airdrops.
  • We will have NFTs gallery within RosePad to display RoseApes
RoseApes NFTs artwork

Social Engagement

Performing socials tasks, as given by each individual project, gives extra tickets, which gives higher probability of higher allocation.

For tiers with guaranteed allocation, it can give you extra allocation on top of guaranteed.

Social Tasks within RosePad platform

Market Comparison


Aiva, Co-Founder

Alvin, Co-Founder

Dennis, Co-Founder

Besides the core team, we have multiple individuals working for us towards developing and improving premium RosePad frontend. In addition, artist, marketing, tech and community managers work behind the curtains.

Further partners and other core team members will be revealed later on.

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